Class Descriptions

Basic Yoga 101 for Beginners –

An introduction course into yoga. Learn the basic postures, various breathing techniques and modifications for your yoga practice. We will also learn how to use yogaprops, blankets, blocks and straps which will aid you in obtaining the postures effectively. Mats and props will be available for use. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga – 

A gentle/restorative yoga class with emphasis on stretches balances and some basic postures. The class will also focus on the use of pranayama breathing techniques to relax and restore the body and mind. Class will end with a guided relaxation in Savasana. Reduce your stress level, be present and enjoy the health benefits of this relaxing, restorative class.

Intro to Gentle Yoga Flow –

Intro to Gentle Flow Yoga is a class that focus’s on the foundation postures. Students will gently flow in a soft vinyasa as we engage core, pranayama (breathing techniques), stretching and balance postures. Emphasis will be on creating a calm mind and flexible, strong and rejuvenated body. A relaxing and rejuvenating practice that is Beginner friendly, accessible to all ages and skill levels.

Lunchtime Yoga –

A mid day all levels hatha yoga class. We will focus on our breath and move through seated, standing and reclined postures. Class will end with a guided relaxation in Savasana. Enjoy the benefits of this class during your lunchtime break.

Vin/Yin/Meditation –

This is a combination class that offers the student the best of a Yang (active) practice and a Yin (passive) practice and guided meditation. The class will start with warming the body with an active 30 minute Vinyasa Flow that will challenge the Yang part of you bringing heat, strength, and awareness into your practice. The second part of the class is a calming and deep 30 minute Yin practice to cultivate a stronger sense of awareness both physically and mentally allowing the body to settle into stretches to encourage opening of the joints creating more flexibility in the spine and joints. The third portion of the class is a guided meditation cultivating clarity of the mind and invoking a peaceful energy. Featuring a different guided meditation each week. Joining the Yin, Yang and Meditation together is a complete mind, body and spirit practice that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, released and restored.

Yin/Yang Yoga –

Class will begin with yin postures. Yin yoga is considered the practice of stillness. By gently holding the postures, we can target the connective tissues, ligaments and fascia, releasing toxins and creating space within the body. We will transition our practice to active yang postures, flowing and moving the already lubricated body/spirit.. The yin practice is a nice complement and balance to our yang practice. Class will end with guided relaxation in Savasana.

Yoga Technique –

Bringing awareness to your mind and body, this class will focus on proper alignment in standing and seated yoga postures. Emphasis on using your breath and enhancing core strength. Various breathing pranayama techniques will be introduced .You will enjoy the benefits of this class as you learn to relax and flow with your breath. Class will end with a guided relaxation in Savasana.